Who You? Who Me? is an exhibition that focuses on and explores gender identity. The body of work featured within the exhibition approaches this topic from a personal perspective. Brain Food and Wheel of Labels seeks to introduce terminology and history. While, Whoever You Are is a narrative exploration.

The work stemmed from a long-held and desperate need to have friends and family understand my experience, particularly as someone that felt the binary definition of “man” and “woman” as too restrictive. Brain Food is a product of the early “Introduction to Sex & Gender”, text-only version that I’d send to close friends. One of whom was my collaborator, Juston McKee (on Brain Food). Branching from that same text, Who You? Who Me? incorporates my personal experience. Wheel of Labels was more conceptual realm that gave room to play with concepts of gender within context of time and place, stereotypes that are conjured, and how we may feel about the labels that are put on us. At the same time putting my spin on it as an illustrator by allowing it to be educational and approachable.

The show aims to inform in a way that doesn't come across as preachy and distant in order to create a space for dialogue. And so, true to my style, I do so with bright colors, likeable characters, and especially a sense of humor.