Please contact vidraws@gmail.com for serious inquiries

This commission page applies to PERSONAL USE ONLY.
Do not reproduce works created for profit or claim my work as your own.
Other than that – post anywhere, make alterations, print it for personal use or display!

NOTE: If you are looking to buy for commercial use or for-profit please email me directly with project details and a budget


  • Discussions pertaining to commissions will only be made through emails (vidraws@gmail.com).
  • If I’m only working from a written description, I will ask for more artistic license.
  • Let me know if you’d like me to emulate something I’ve done previously. Otherwise I will do what I feel is appropriate for the commission.
  • Do not change or add reference and/or descriptions after commission has been accepted.
  • I may recycle sketches or prepratory works that were rejected for other commissions or personal work.
  • If you have concerns or would like a status update, feel free to send an email. I try to respond between 24-48 hours.


  • Any deadline expectations should be discussed before payment. I reserve the right to turn down a commission if I believe I can not reasonably accommodate.
  • Initial sketch will take one to two weeks. Completion is dependent upon the queue, complexity of the piece, and response times after progress updates. (Complex “painterly” pieces may take up to a month or two for example)
  • I will do my best to let you of any circumstances that may arise and delay progress on the commission.


  • All commissions must be paid in full upfront unless it is a custom order that had been confirmed beforehand.
  • All payments are in USD and processed through Paypal OR Venmo.


  • I reserve the right to cancel and issue a full refund of a commission, at any time for any reason.
  • No refunds will be offered after completion of a commission.
  • If a commission is cancelled during its progress, a partial refund will be issued at my discretion.


  • I reserve the right to refuse additional revisions or to charge an additional fee (starting at $5).
  • Depending on the commission there are one to two small revisions, such as coloring or marking mistakes, stated on the pricing page.


  • Please disclose if you wish your commission to remain private with initial request (i.e. not posted to galleries or social media or used for advertising purposes).
  • Private commissions include fee of 25% of total commission cost.